March 24, 2014

Qatar Foundation Continues Successful Blood Donation Drive

The Health, Safety, Security and Environment Directorate (HSSE) at Qatar Foundation organized its second successful blood donation drive this year titled ‘A Drop of Blood, Save Thousands of Lives’.

The ongoing campaign, which aims to encourage a culture of voluntary blood donation from people aged 18 to 65, was marked by high levels of participation from young people enrolled at universities at Qatar Foundation’s campus and staff members working at Qatar Foundation.

Educational posters and leaflets were distributed to educate participants about the advantages of giving blood.

Sheikha Amal Al-Thani, Acting HSSE Executive Director, stressed the value of donating blood and the importance of raising awareness of it among people of all ages within the Qatar Foundation community, as it not only helps save thousands of lives each year but also improves the health of donors.

Sheikha Al-Thani said, “This campaign is in keeping with the community services provided by Qatar Foundation to benefit both our students and employees. It demonstrates to our younger generation, in particular, the significance of actively contributing to community service and development, while enhancing their sense of responsibility towards other members of society.”

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