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February 20, 2014

Qatar Academy Hold Arabic And Islamic Family Day

Qatar Academy Logo.pngConnections between family, learning and community were at the forefront of Qatar Academy’s Arabic and Islamic Family Day jointly organized the Primary School Arabic and Islamic Studies Department.

Focusing on exploring the Arabic language within the context of the global International Baccalaureate curriculum, Academic Coordinator Zayed Kassem shares that one of the day’s goals was to “acknowledge the status of the language in the world and its importance to the Islamic faith, being the language of the Holy Quran and reflecting a rich civilization and great heritage”.

He adds: “We have inherited this language and we will preserve it for the coming generation. As educators, we try our best to maximize the opportunities provided by the learning environment here in QA in order to help students appreciate the importance of the Arabic language and its contribution to our identity”.

This contribution primarily extends to the school’s Islamic Studies program which Academic Coordinator Doa’a Abu Joudeh points out is closely intertwined with the Arabic program.“Through the family fun day, the Islamic department helps our students understand this strong connection while trying to promote the religious values through fun student-centered activities,” she says. “We encourage our students to be ambassadors for Islam and to be a light for others. We also wanted our parents to see our students in action and enjoy learning with them”.

During the event, posters of different Arab authors, poets and other influential Islamic figures who have contributed to the advancement of modern science lined the halls of the department’s wing in the Primary School building.

QA parent Khloud Salem observed closely the posters and recognizes the effort put forth by the school in continuously looking for ways to engage its students and families in meaningful cultural activities. “I was very impressed by the activities and how it focused on Arabic and Islamic Studies in a fun, exciting way which greatly benefited our children”.

Such parent participation and feedback greatly encourages Kassem who believes that through family-related events like this “we are able to motivate our students to walk the path of their ancestors and strive to work for the best of this world”.