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August 17, 2016

New Pediatric Clinics Open at Sidra

Sidra Medical and Research Center (Sidra) has openedthree additional pediatric clinics at the Sidra Outpatient Clinic. Neurosurgery, Urology and Orthopedics consultation clinics are now open for referral based pediatric patients.
The Pediatric Urology Clinic will provide consultation for children with acquired and congenital lesions of the kidney, ureters, bladder, urethra, gonads and genitalia, and the counseling and therapy of antenatal (occurring or present before birth) identified lesions. Dr. Salle and his team also apply innovative surgical techniques to treat urinary incontinence, reconstruction or revision of the renal pelvis, and to treat children born with atypical genitalia.

The Pediatric Neurosurgery will provide pediatric consultation for the treatment of brain and spinal diseases in children including brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries and hydrocephalus. Dr. Kharazi’s team also treats spinal tumours, craniosynostosis (a rare condition in which a baby develops or is born with an abnormally shaped skull) and congenital malformations.

The Pediatric Orthopedics Clinic is staffed by fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons and experienced nursing and allied health professionals. The clinic specializes in the treatment of general pediatric orthopedic conditions including: clubfoot, hip dysplasia, limb deformity, and others. The clinic will also accept referrals for more specialized pediatric orthopedic conditions including: neuromuscular disorders and spinal deformities.

The Sidra Outpatient Clinic is currently accepting referral based patients from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Primary Health Care Corporation and the QF Primary Health Care Center. While consultations with the Sidra surgical team are based out of the Sidra Outpatient Clinic, all surgical procedures and operations are currently being conducted at HMC hospitals.

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