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May 11, 2014

International Review of Law Publishes a Special Issue on Domestic Violence

International Review of Law logo.JPGThe International Review of Law has published a special issue on domestic violence with articles ranging from intra-family violence and acid violence to empirical research on unreported cases in Nigeria and domestic violence policy reform in the Republic of Macedonia.

All articles are featured on, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals’ digital publishing portal for academic research.

The International Review of Law is a peer-reviewed international law journal that articulates contemporary legal discourse in all fields of law. All content in the journal is ‘open access’, which means articles are free to read and download from the web and authors retain full copyright of their works.

This special issue tackles an important topic that continues to demand the attention of the international community.

Reported incidents of domestic violence usually involve abuse perpetrated by men against women and its occurrence cuts across all socio-economic groups, cultures, religions, ages, and geographic locales.

The articles focus on the various manifestations of domestic violence across the globe. It is hoped that the articles in this special issue will prompt continued dialogue on effective legal reform efforts to stop domestic violence.

Alongside these articles, has also introduced an online commenting system, linked toreaders’ social media accounts, which allows for direct communication with the author and other readers.

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