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November 12, 2017

HBKU Press Publishes Highly Anticipated Career Counsel Guide

HBKU Press is set to launch the highly-anticipated career counsel guide by management consultant powerhouse Maryam at this year’s 2017 Doha International Book Fair. In The 4ourth Floor, Al-Mansoori provides pearls of wisdom based on the personal experiences she has amassed during her years as a management consultant in several senior managerial positions in numerous major companies within various industries.
The 4th floor Cover-(English)-1.jpg
The aim of the book is to help readers critically consider their careers and evaluate how the choices that they make today, define their future. It targets anyone that has ever questioned the path their career has taken or wondered how to distinguish themselves from other employees to rise to the top, The 4ourth Floor encourages readers to actively participate in shaping their career based on their personal goals, instead of blindly following the path set before them.

The 4ourth Floor is like a wakeup call: it is direct, unapologetically blunt, and to the point. It provides practical tips on how to deal with a variety of workplace situations and each chapter addresses a problem head on. The images accompanying the text invoke introspection that forces readers reflect in order to improve. Al-Mansoori’s work is well-structured and articulated in a manner that the readers from all over the world, in any country and in any workforce can relate to and benefit from.

“HBKU Press is committed to providing a platform for Qatari authors who, like Al-Mansoori, contribute to the narrative of the region by providing unique insight,” explains Bachar Chebaro, Executive Director of HBKU Press. “When an author with Maryam’s extensive background and level of expertise writes a book, HBKU Press aims to highlight them and fully support their work in order to spread their knowledge both locally and regionally.”

For Al-Mansoori, this book has been a long time coming.

“This book is a sum total of my experiences, gathered over the years while working at different organizations in various capacities,” explains Al Mansoori.

“It is a compilation of common thoughts, questions, experiences, and doubts that may come to a person during the course of their career. In The 4ourth Floor, my intent is to directly and honestly evaluate these experiences in an effort to help others negotiate the challenges that they face in the workplace.”

Al-Mansoori, a proficient troubleshooter and critical thinker by nature, has an Executive MBA from HEC Paris; a certification in Corporate Governance from INSEAD Business School; a PHR Certification from Society of Human Resource Management; and is a graduate from Qatar Leadership Center’s Executives Leaders’ program.

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