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March 31, 2018

HBKU Holds Education City's First PhD Defense

A new milestone in the two decades of Qatar Foundation (QF) for Education, Science and Community Development history was achieved when Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Science and Engineering (CSE) hosted Education City’s first-ever PhD thesis defense session. The momentous event comes ahead of HBKU’s schedule to graduate its inaugural cohort of PhD students, and underscores the importance of the University’s role in driving academic excellence in Qatar.
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HBKU’s hosting of its first PhD defense reinforces the University’s significance as a leading educational hub. Dr. Mounir Hamdi, dean of CSE, said, “I am truly honored to see CSE lead such an important milestone in the lifetime of HBKU and Education City by graduating our first PhD students. Our college has a critical role in supporting the scientific development goals of Qatar and the region, and our multidisciplinary academic programs are based on three research-focused divisions in the fields of science, engineering, and technology – all core areas for national advancement. All of our programs aim to create a generation of leaders, innovators, and academics who are promising and forward-thinking.”
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Ahmad K. Fard, who is presently completing final assignments towards his PhD in Sustainable Environment, led the event by defending his thesis entitled: Novel Hybrid Absorbent – Inorganic Membrane for Qatar Treatment Applications. The presentation was attended by several members of the advising committee, including experts and advisors, who were tasked with reading the dissertation, making constructive suggestions, and sitting in on the defense. Those in attendance included Professor Gordon McKay, Dr. Hamish MacKey, Dean Mounir Hamdi, Professor Muataz Hussien, Professor Nouar Tabet, and Dr. Tariq Al-Ansari. One member of the committee was required to advise from an external standpoint, and this perspective was offered by Professor Hazim Qiblawey from Qatar University.

HBKU witnesses year-on-year growth as it continues to expand its academic offerings, recruit top talent, and conduct groundbreaking research. All of the University’s programs were designed with national, regional, and international priorities in mind, and the University’s roadmap signals steady and continuous progress for the years to come.

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