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June 7, 2017

GU-Q Student Leadership Program Celebrates First Medal Winners

The first round of top achievers in the Hoya Leadership Pathway program were honored at an awards ceremony at Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) recently. The new initiative seeks to recognize students who are actively engaged in the University’s many co-curricular programs and leadership development opportunities.
Fifteen students met the program’s various level requirements, which include participating in various on- and off-campus activities, peer reflection circles, and leadership workshops. Graduating seniors Sheba George (SFS ’17), Zarine Bohra (SFS ’17), Rania Sohail (SFS ’17), Sania Gesudraz (SFS ’17), and Thana El Sallabi (SFS ’17) were awarded gold level status, the highest accolade offered by the program. Alya Al-Hashemi (SFS ’17), Sena Kang (SFS ’18), and Alisha Kamran (SFS ’18) were awarded silver medals, while Normeanne Sison (SFS ’19), Sondos Moussa (SFS ’19), Sarah Al-Mutoteh (SFS ’20), Rafia Al-Jassim (SFS ’19), and Noor Sheikh (SFS ’20) achieved bronze status. First year students Aiza Khan (SFS ’20) and Ibtihal Mohamed (SFS ’20) were awarded copper medals.

“I am very proud of all the students who reflected on their leadership experiences and worked hard on their applications to create such powerful narratives for themselves,” said Sandy Kim, assistant director of student leadership development at GU-Q.

To be recognized under the program, GU-Q students needed to demonstrate that they have participated leadership-building activities such as student clubs, internships, honor council, sports, studying abroad, volunteering, research, and student employment.

They then submitted an application towards attaining one of the Hoya Leadership Pathway tiers – copper, bronze, silver, and gold – which each have specific minimum requirements. For example, to reach the silver tier, Al-Hashemi had to complete a range of activities, then submit reflection papers, attend a coaching session, and join a reflection circle.
“I was required to put into words some things that I knew in my mind but had never had to express explicitly,” said Al-Hashemi, speaking about the reflection paper. “I'd never written anything similar before, so it was an interesting experience.”

Students who meet the criteria for the Hoya Leadership Pathway were honored at a special award banquet at GU-Q, and the seniors were presented with a commemorative pin which they could wear on their robes on graduation.