September 3, 2015

GU-Q Set to Lead TradeLab Research Project

Georgetown University in Qatar’s (GU-Q) Office of Research has been approached by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) to host a large collaborative research project funded by the National Priorities Research Program.
Georgetown University
Known as TradeLab--short for ‘Legal Innovation To Empower Development: Designing and Building an On-Line TradeLab in Qatar’-the project will assemble a global network of experts on international trade and trade law to empower smaller stakeholders, such as Qatar, to reap the full development benefits of global trade and investment rules.

The project is scheduled to begin in Fall 2015 and will run for three years.

Many countries, including Qatar, are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and have also signed a large number of free trade agreements and investment protection treaties.Trade and investment treaties regulate domestic policies ranging from health and the environment to energy and taxation.

However, the rules for such agreements are often complex and involve WTO rules and case law, evolving principles in preferential trade agreements, contracts law, and other international agreements to stimulate or protect foreign direct investment. Stakeholders from both the public and private sector (and especially in developing countries) are often not aware of, or are not sufficiently informed about, these systems.

“Essentially, TradeLab will provide useful knowledge for policymakers--in Qatar and around the world--about negotiating, implementing and enforcing trade and investment treaties, along with access to global experts with substantial direct experience who can advise on specific issues and problems,” said GU-Q Director of Research, Dr. John Crist.

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