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May 9, 2013

Graduates Reflect Upon Lessons Learned As Students


Ahmed Nasser Al-Abdulghani.jpg

Ahmed Nasser Abdulghani
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar - BSc in Business Administration
Qatari / 21-years-old

“I was offered the opportunity to go and study outside of Qatar. I am grateful for my decision to stay in Qatar and go to CMU-Q. I don’t know anywhere else in the world where students from diverse backgrounds and top class universities, are able to interact with each other on a daily basis. I now have doctors, engineers, journalists, politicians, artists, businessmen, and computer scientists all as my good friends. My network is priceless.”

Bushra Alam.jpg

Bushra Alam
Georgetown University – School of Foreign Service in Qatar, BSc in Foreign Service
Bangladesh/ 24-years-old

“For me, studying in the Georgetown campus was an achievement in itself. From being involved in student employment to going on Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace trips to being involved in clubs helped immensely in shaping my identity. This education hub became a gateway for us undergraduates to interact with other branch campus students and to respect and value diverse opinions. I have been blessed with this opportunity and thank Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and my parents for believing in me for making it this far.”

Hiba Ali Al-Saudi.jpg

Hiba Ali Al Saudi
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Master of Science in Islamic Finance
Iraqi / 28-years-old

“QFIS and Qatar Foundation are the place where I had the chance to get a great education in my field of study from those who are considered to be the “Masters” of Islamic Finance. It was an amazing experience to learn from those who have contributed the most to this field from all around the globe. It is the place where I have met people who are now some of my best friends. After three years at Qatar Foundation, it is really hard to say goodbye. Instead, I say: “I can’t wait for the PhD program to launch!”

Mahmoud Hammad El Zamli.jpg

Mahmoud El Zamli
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Lebanon/ 22-years-old

“Attended a conference in Washington, DC. I was the only undergraduate in the conference and it was a great experience. Participated in the Shell Eco Marathon Competition (was in the university team which consisted of 12 students). It was a great competition that took place in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. It felt challenging and was fun at the same time. Gained a lot of experience and I consider it as the most exciting experience throughout my undergraduate study.”

Aminah Ali Kandar.jpg

Aminah Ali Kandar
Georgetown University – School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Major in International Politics

“An educational opportunity like no other. Qatar Foundation means the world to me, and to my family. Throughout my life, in Canada and in my travels, I have never experienced such a goal-oriented, equal opportunity and noble organisation. I packed up my life and left a wonderful Canadian University to transfer into a new and unknown educational project. I had no idea what to expect. After three wonderful years, I can safely say that Qatar Foundation and Georgetown University exceeded my expectations. I am proud to be a SFS-Qatar graduate.”

Hammad Abbasi.jpg

Hammad Abbasi
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar - BSc in Business Administration
Pakistani/ 22-years-old

“I never thought I would be able to make such strong and deep connections with people until I came here. Everyone here is wonderful: students, friends, staff, and faculty. They all support and inspire you to do your best. They help you to succeed. And I can brag that my friends hail from nearly 100 countries around the world. This is my home away from home, and I will miss it greatly.”

Jamal Abdulrab Al Malki.jpg

Jamal Abdulrab Al Malki
HEC Paris in Qatar, Executive MBA
Qatari / 38-years-old

“Qatar Foundation and Hamad bin Khalifa University allowed me through the executive MBA of HEC Paris to enhance my portfolio of leadership approaches and discern how to apply the right technique to each unique business challenge. This has allowed me to engage in an intensive process of self-assessment to improve my performance as a senior executive while acquiring the latest frameworks and tools designed to help my company formulate a winning competitive strategy by gaining the high level of confidence that inspires effective decision-making across the organisation, and executing better judgment by expanding my analytical and strategic skills. Thank you Qatar Foundation and HBKU.”

Samantha Cotterell
HEC Paris in Qatar, Executive MBA
Australian / 45-years-old

“A wonderful consolidation of all that I have experience in my professional and personal life in Qatar over the last eight years. A wonderful international network of people from different walks of life all aspiring to greater heights - very inspiring!”

Mo'tasem Nizar Kalaji.jpg

Motasem Nizar Kalaji
Northwestern University in Qatar, Bachelor of Science in Communication
Jordanian / 22-years-old

“My university experience was a lot of self-discovery and self-exploration. In this place, I was able to formulate a stronger image of who I am, what I am, and what I want. I am definitely a better me. Some of my favourite experiences are the service learning trips that I have been on with Northwestern. A better sense of the world, a powerful sense of groundedness, everlasting friendships, and a sharper analytical mind are some of the many things that I have acquired during my time here. I am eternally grateful for such experiences.”

Sidra Ayub.jpg

Sidra Ayub
Northwestern University in Qatar, Bachelor of Science in Journalism
Pakistani / 23-years-old

“A life-changing experience... at my university I grew up to become an inspiring leader, an effective communicator, and a responsible human being ready to accept and overcome all kinds of challenges. I was able to visit seven different countries, gain international exposure in my field, and learn to appreciate each opportunity presented to me. Qatar Foundation really made my dreams come true!”

Suhair Tawfiq Al-Salah.jpg

Suhair Tawfiq Al Salah
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Master of Arts in Public Policy in Islam

“Qatar Foundation is a gate to success it truly unlocks human potential, when joining Qatar Foundation you become accustomed to excellence, your abilities sharpen, and you can see the world from multiple perspectives, you become open to other cultures and civilisations, and start making your own way to success and excellence.
A degree can be obtained from many places in the world, but gaining experience mingled with knowledge in a global milieu is rare and not to forget that all this takes place in a culture of excellence which makes me a lucky person.”

Abed El Rahman Shammaa.jpg

Abed El Rahman Shammaa
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Lebanon/ 22-years-old

“One thing I always remember about Qatar Foundation in general and TAMU-Q in particular is the diverse community. I have met and become friends with a lot of people from different regions around the world. I will always cherish the fun memories I had with the Mechanical 2013 batch.”

Mooza Khalifa .jpg

Moza AlSuwaidi
Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Qatari / 22-years-old

“I am proud to have been a part of this educational experience here at Qatar Foundation. Qatar Foundation provides a platform for students to learn, not only from their university, but from cross-registration opportunities as well. By being a student here, I was able to be a part of a well-rounded and unique academic experience that I would not have been a part of elsewhere. I was able to meet friends from around the world and gain experiences that made me grow as a person as well as a designer.”

Rabab Abdulla.jpg

Rabab Abdulla
Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Bachelor of Fine Arts Double Major - Fashion & Interior Design
Indian / 23-years-old

“There is much that I gained since I joined Qatar Foundation. From exploring and studying more about design, to dealing with various personalities, to understanding the professional environment, to physical and personal growth. I believe my education at Qatar Foundation, pushed me to think broader, to know more about oneself and to also learn how to find a balance between myself and the environment around.”

Ghaith Farid Abu Zeinah.jpg

Ghaith Farid Abu Zeinah
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, MD Doctor of Medicine
Jordanian / 23-years-old

“An investment in education always pays off. Qatar Foundation has invested so much in us, trusting that years from now we will make the Middle East a better place. I guarantee that we will.”

Zaid Husni Tafesh.jpg

Zaid Husni Tafesh
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, MD Doctor of Medicine
Jordanian / 23-years-old

“Qatar Foundation provided me with an opportunity unlike anything else. I was able to receive world-class medical training close to home and an education that opened up opportunities that I always hoped of having. It has been a place where I have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, and a place where I was able to pave the way for my professional career in medicine.”