February 28, 2017

EAA, ROTA Unite to Give Hope to Millions of Children

Education Above All (EAA) foundation has announced it is expanding to incorporate Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) as one of its core programs. The merger will complement EAA’s mission to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for vulnerable and marginalized people in the developing world.
EAA champions and defends the basic right to education around the world with 50 projects in 43 countries. The addition of ROTA, which has international projects and has built deep links with communities in Qatar, adds to the foundation’s ability to build and expand local and regional partnerships. ROTA will join other EAA programs, Educate a Child (EAC), Al Fakhoora, and Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC), to drive education for all. EAA’s scope will be enhanced by ROTA’s commitment to grassroots campaigning, and ROTA’s international projects will help further the foundation’s global reach.

Education Above All’s Chief Executive Officer, Fahad Al-Sulaiti, said: “Bringing ROTA under the umbrella of the Education Above All foundation builds on the synergies between our missions and enhances our ability to deliver quality education to more children around the world. It allows us to build on our mutual ambition to support poor and marginalized communities to fulfill their potential through learning. Central to all of our programs is the fundamental belief that education is the driver of human development.”

Commenting on the merger, Machaille Al-Naimi, President of Community Development, QF, said: “Qatar Foundation is extremely proud of what ROTA has achieved. Over the years it has empowered young people and provided them with access to the education and training they need in order to realize their full potential and shape the development of their communities. QF provides tailored support to all of its projects, which upon reaching maturity begin to forge their own distinctive paths. As a QF legacy project, ROTA will always remain a big part of our success story as an organization.”

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