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February 11, 2015

Day 3 Results of QF’s NSD Trivia Quiz

On day three we posted the following picture:

Day 3 Results of QF’s NSD Trivia Quiz

The answer to question three is b) 2012.
NSD-Quiz Answer 3.jpg

The first Qatar National Sport Day was held in 2012 to promote healthy living in Qatar. This year we had a diverse program of healthy activities for everyone to enjoy as part of our celebrations for Qatar National Sport Day.

We received a total of 68 comments, 67 of which were correct answers!

After intense competition among members of our community, the competition has now ended with a winner.

Congratulations to alyasadia on winning!

The final scoreboard for this month can be found below:

Name Points
Alyasadia 18
shamilckm 16
aliya_yakoob 16
alimir90 12
sham_n_zaara 8
mazin_qatar 8
ayshalyousuf 6
buhuzaifmazin_qatar 4
lovluva 2

Thank you all for participating in the QF NSD trivia quiz. Stay tuned with us for announcements of more competitions for you to take part in.

For further details about the competition, please click here.