February 9, 2015

Day 1 Results of QF’s NSD Trivia Quiz

On day one we posted the following picture:
Day 1 Results of QF’s NSD Trivia Quiz
The answer to question 1 of the QF’s NSD trivia quiz is: a) Dressage. Dressage is a form of competitive equestrian sport. On Qatar National Sport Day, our walkathon begins at AL SHAQAB where you can learn about various equestrian disciplines by participating in exciting activities.
Day 1 Results of QF’s NSD Trivia Quiz
We received a total of 49 comments, 10 of which were correct answers! Only the first 5 answers were awarded points, and the leaderboard of day four is:

Name Points
Alyasadia 10
shamilckm 8
sham_n_zaara 6
buhuzaifmazin_qatar 4
lovluva 2

We will be posting the second question today at 4:30pm Qatar time. Stay tuned with us on Instagram and try to be the first to answer, to get your name on the leaders table or improve your position on it!

For further details about the competition, please click here.