We’ve got a story to tell

In fact, we’ve got many stories to tell, about QF’s people, programs, and purpose. We think you and your audiences will want to hear them. And whether you’re a local, regional, or global media representative, everything you need to talk about us – and to us – is here.

Our Door Is Open

The QF Media Center is where you’ll find everything you need to build your stories about us. It’s your gateway to arranging interviews with our spokespeople, filming and taking pictures at our premises, and accessing our great multimedia content. And for media representatives who have questions for us, this is where to ask them.

We also want you to discover QF for yourself, so if you’re interested in visiting Education City, we’re ready to arrange that.

QF Media & Visit Requests

All you need to do is click on the relevant link below and complete a short form. We’ll do the rest.

So, What Would You Like To Know?

It’s always good to have the facts and figures at your fingertips.

That’s why we’ve created a vault of user-friendly information about QF that’s available for you to view, and use. And we’ve also developed a range of story themes that reflect our focus and our mission. Take a look. We think you’ll find them interesting.