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Innovation Policies, Guidance, Successes, and Other Information

This Info Bank provides a variety of resources to help you engage with our office. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more details.

Info Bank

QF Policies

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Policy
    PDF - 385.8 kB
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policies
    *Coming soon*
  • Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Policy
    *Coming soon*

Guidebooks and Other Resources

  • A Guide for Successful Institutional-Industrial Collaborations: Researcher Guidebook
    Developed by the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)—a U.S. National Academy of Sciences affiliate—this guidebook serves as a strategic tool to promote greater understanding of the collaborative engagement process and relationship building with institutional researchers. It is designed to help both parties effectively interact for mutual benefit.
    PDF - 5.7 MB
  • An Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer at Qatar Foundation
    This guidebook outlines the essential elements of technology transfer at QF and provides a broad overview of the process and services available for QF researchers and employees.
    PDF - 6.3 MB
  • Entrepreneurship Guidebook
    This roadmap for the startup journey explains the key parameters and success factors for safeguarding IP rights, commercializing IP, and business planning as well as securing funding and investments.
    PDF - 3.2 MB
  • Al Khabeer Program Brochure
    This referral-based consultancy service is designed to help cultivate an innovation culture within Qatar. The program provides IP expertise and technical assistance services to local entrepreneurs and inventors not covered under QF’s IP Policy.
    PDF - 94.3 kB
  • Researcher Guidebook
    This guidebook tool will help understand more about a Researcher role in Industry vs Academia. Whether you are a Researcher (from any career stage) or a Facilitator, going thru the guidebook will enable you to identify necessary steps towards creating collaborations between both sides for impactful outcomes.
    PDF - 1.3 MB
  • Researcher Quick Guide
    A Guide for Successful Institutional-Industrial Collaboration
    PDF - 158.1 kB

Training Videos

  • Pitching for Innovators: Communicate at the Right Level for Any Audience
    This 45-minute webinar provides practical advice that will help innovators learn how to talk with potential licensees, partners, and investors about their technologies.
  • Technology Readiness Level
    This 2-minute video explains the nine levels of technology maturity—from the observation of basic principles to full commercial application.
  • CTSI Intellectual Property & Commercialization Training Modules
    Developed by the Clinical & Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin in the United States, this series of videos introduces researchers to the technology transfer process.

Success Stories

  • Tarantula AI
    This company’s immersive 2D to 3D photo and video conversion tool was based on technology developed at QF. The software achieves fully automated and highly accurate 2D-to-3D conversion at less than five percent the cost of alternatives. It converts live action photo and video from any source and can be utilized in real time to support live broadcast.
  • VoraInsight Persona Analytics
    This startup launched a QF-originated product line of artificial intelligence-driven segmentation and real-time customer data analysis to visualize and understand audience personas and consumer preferences and behavior.
  • Kanari AI
    QCRI’s Advanced Transcription System (QATS) automatically converts speech to text using state-of-art speech-recognition techniques. QATS provides the ability to transcribe Arabic and translate into English, and vice versa. The speech transcription has been used by for automatic generation of subtitles in video segments, and discussions are underway with other potential users. QATS speech recognition system has achieved an accuracy rate of 93 percent for broadcast news reports and more than 70 percent for broadcast conversations.
  • Tamr
    This enterprise data unification startup company uses artificial intelligence to speed up data analytics workflows. The product line is cost-effective, scalable, and accessible to any enterprise.
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QFRDI+QDB Workshop IDKT - Info Bank - 3

John McEntire, Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, QF RDI

QFRDI+QDB Workshop - IDKT - Info Bank - 4

Abeer Al-Hammadi, Director of Innovation and Economic Development, QF RDI

RDI talks - IDKT - Info Bank

Dr. Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation, QF

RDI talks - IDKT - Info Bank - 2

(left to right) Abeer Al-Hammadi, Director of Innovation and Economic Development, QF RDI; John McEntire, Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, QF RDI; Matthew Dicke, Partner and IP Practice Lead, K&L Gates, U.S.; and Dr Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation, QF.

ESCWA - IDKT - Info Bank - 5

John McEntire, Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, QF RDI, during the workshop

Events and Workshops


IP Workshop: understanding IP and its importance