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Globalization? It’s As Old As History Itself

Globalization? It’s As Old As History Itself

It is frequently assumed that globalization is a late 20th century phenomenon. On the contrary, writes the leading historian Hywel Williams, it is merely the latest evolution of an ancient theme. The world has been connected since the days of Confucius and the pre-Socratic philosophers.

Where’s The Beef?

We produce enough food to provide everyone on the planet with 4,500 calories a day, yet hundreds of millions live in absolute hunger. What will happen when the Global South and East, with their exponentially growing demand for meat, take over deciding who gets to eat what, where and when?

Of Fixed Frames And Fictive Biography

The most lauded Arab filmmaker of his generation has been compared to Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati, even though his work is concerned with occupation and dispossession. Now Artistic Advisor to Doha Film Institute, he meditates on self-evaluation, memory and the “metamorphosis into the aesthetic."


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