Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library (QNL) has three main functions: the National Library, the University and Research Library, and a state-of-the-art Metropolitan Public Library. QNL collects and provides access to global knowledge, preserves heritage content and materials. It also provides printed and digital library materials for students and researchers, and delivers library services and information for everyone. Visit our website

Korean Embassy Donates Valuable Books To Library

Among the donated books is a replica of ‘Jikji,’ which was the first in the world to be printed using movable metal types in July 1377. The donated books also reflect different sources of knowledge and information in a variety of fields such as literature, history, and arts.

QNL Celebrates National Day With Student Tour

The Qatar National Library (QNL) marked Qatar National Day with a special tour of its cherished Heritage Collection for Aspire Academy students. The visit offered the youths a unique opportunity to explore Qatar’s rich history.