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Webinar - Optimizing Building Performance Using ARC Tool

There is an increasing necessity to optimize building operation, not just to run efficiently and sustainably, but equally to safeguard and promote the occupants’ well-being and productivity. That said and given the complexity of modern buildings, it has become essential to drive operation strategies based on insightful monitoring and data analytics of the actual building performance.

LEED, as a green building rating system that has been around for 20 years now, has evolved to focus more on actual building performance. One of the newest tools for this is the free ARC Platform. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through ARC and show you how to benchmark at least your water and energy initially. This can be a streamlined path to certification if you add on your IAQ testing, occupant surveys, and waste/recycling data. This platform will compare you to your peers as well as other high-performing green buildings.

Speakers: Charlie Cichetti, CEO of Green Building Education Services (

Hamoda Youssef, Head of Technical Affairs at Qatar Green Building Council