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The Story of the First Arabic Thesaurus

Arabic is one of the most widespread languages in the world. It helped preserve the Arab civilization and influenced many languages. Some languages borrowed thousands of words from Arabic, and some adopted the Arabic alphabet in their writing system. Since the first Arab-Islamic era, scholars have taken interest in in documenting its vocabulary, including Al-Khalil Ibn Ahmad Al-Farahidi (died in 170 AH) who was the author of the first Arabic thesaurus. On the occasion of celebrating Doha as the Capital of Islamic Culture 2021, this lecture will highlight Al-Farahidi's "Kitab al-'Ayn" (Al-Ain Thesaurus) and the methodology he adopted to analyze, collect, and list its vocabulary, along with the characteristics of this thesaurus. This talk will also feature the linguistic richness of Arabic and the origins of its vocabulary.

Speaker: Mohamad Ali Bahri, Arabic Language Coordinator, Translation and Interpreting Institute, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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