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Qatari Women’s Affairs Series: Do we need the Quota system?

Today, women in the Arab region and globally are finding that the adoption of quotas offers some of the best possibilities for women to gain legislative seats. In turn, this has increased women’s political participation - lobbying for the advancement of gender equality and justice ensures that women’s interests are represented politically.

The introduction of quotas is controversial in some countries as it has been noticed that it undermines the selection of candidates or parliamentarians based on merit. However, electoral quotas have proved effective in fast-tracking women’s political representation to produce equality of results, not just equality of opportunity.

The question we ask ourselves today is: Are gender quotas necessary in a booming MENA region? What are the different types of quotas, and how successful have they been over the years? This is what our great group of panelists from the region will share with us, drawing on the experiences of their respective countries.

All these questions and others will be the focus of our next webinar, the fourth in a series on Qatari women's affairs organized by graduates of the MA in Women, Society and Development program, to tackle women’s issues in the light of societal progress and economic development in Qatar.

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