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New Discoveries in the Lost City of Al-Qata'i

The city of Al-Qata'i was founded by Ahmad Ibn Tulun in 870, being the third capital of Islamic Egypt after Al-Fustat and Al-Askar. Historical sources tell us that it had splendid buildings never seen before in Egypt since the time of the Ptolemies.

Al-Qata'i had flourished for over four decades until it was seized and destroyed by the Abbasids in 905. The city, well described by its contemporary historians, was first studied in 902 and again in 2015. The city was revisited in 2020, where new discoveries were found. The lecture will provide a better understanding of how the city once looked.

Moderator: Dr. Remah Gharib, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Urban Design and Architecture, College of Islamic Studies

Speaker: Dr. M. Tarek Swelim, Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture, College of Islamic Studies

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