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Mathaf Screening of Raqs Media Collective

How do we understand our place in the world and the wider cosmic universe? In this ambiguous moment in which questions of time, resources, economies, the movement of people, and reliance on digital technologies filter into daily life, how do we position this contemporary experience in relation to our past and future selves? The screening of two works by Raqs Media Collective reflect on these questions. ‘The Blood of Stars’ (2017) poetically tells a tale of how all life exists with iron, making a connection between humanity and outer space, to suggest we are all formed from stars.

The protagonist in ‘Strikes at Time’ (2011) escapes his exhaustion, isolation, and sense of lost time by listing the mundane activities of his laboring day. The video narrates the uncanny rhythm of a working day, drawn from found diaries and read by Raqs Media Collective alongside Jacques Ranciere’s ‘La Nuit des Proletaires’ (The Night of Labour), from 1981.

This event takes place as part of the exhibition ‘Raqs Media Collective: Still More World,’ on view at Mathaf until 31 July 2019. The screening will be followed by a conversation between artist Shuddhabrata Sengupta and exhibition curators Laura Barlow and Lina Ramadan, and an open question-answer interchange.