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How Smartphones Changed Journalism

Imagine a world without your smartphone. This device is everywhere and everyone seems to have one. Billions in use and embedded within our contemporary culture as an integral part of everyday life. Your phone provides an instant connection to e-mail, social networks, and live TV. This device has rapidly developed from being an adjunct accessory into an essential tool and extension. Today, the smartphone has been embraced by, and is a witness to, a new age of journalism. The device has had a profound impact on the way we access and interact with information, as well as how it can be generated and disseminated worldwide.

With a rapidly evolving media landscape, the digital era is revolutionizing the production, distribution, and consumption of news. By doing so, it continues to disrupt and transform how journalism operates as an industry, is taught as a discipline, and perceived as a public institution.

We invite you to explore the role of the smartphone in these changing dynamics, as both a catalyst and a cause, a blessing and a curse. Join us in the 'How the smartphone Changed Journalism' discussion session, which incorporates multiple perspectives from across theory and practice, and contribute to its open and exploratory conversations.

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