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Healthy Living Program: Family Mindfulness Sessions

A program to enjoy fun and experiential learning with your body, mind, and heart together! Designed by Brain Education™ principles, this program ensures to engage every member of the family in learning more about themselves, their minds, emotions, and behavior, while having fun doing it!

Session 1: Cool Mind, Warm Body! We learn the age-old principle of keeping a cool mind, whilst warm and active in our body, “water up - fire down." Follow a fun learning-oriented and practical developed method for making sure you have your cool mind on for any important decisions you need to make at any age or time! Fun analogies, games, and training for the whole family to enjoy together!

Session 2 Emotions are our playground Do emotions get the best of you? Seems like we can't escape them sometimes. Perhaps being overwhelmed with emotion isn't always a negative thing that happens to us, but rather can be a safe and playful exploration where we learn how "we can be the master of how we want to feel." Acting, playing and fun games in store for the family to enjoy together!

Session 3 Family Harmony "Teamwork makes the dream work" living with your parents? Or have brothers and sisters around? You'll need their help with this one! Help each other form deeper and stronger connections, while laughing and enjoying each other’s company! Training and games designed to be done in tandem or in a small group for the family to enjoy together!

  • Date
  • Time6/9/2021, 4:00:00 P - 6/23/2021, 5:00:00 P
  • Organized byQatar Foundation