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Education City Fan Experience

The Fan Experience is a place for football fans to come together and live the football fever to its fullest.

When matches are happening at Education City Stadium, this will be the fans activity-packed path to the stadium.


Education City Fan Experience

As visitors head to World Cup matches taking place in Education City, they will be greeted by Qatar Foundation’s vibrant community, introducing them to Arab culture, guiding them through fun activities, and sharing a glimpse of what Qatar Foundation and Education City is all about.

The activities are available within a short walk from the Education City Stadium. They will start running 3 hours before the match starts, and they will be stopped 30 minutes before the game. They will, then, resume for 2 hours after the match is over. Below is a detailed account of the activities’ duration:

In an all-inclusive experience, anyone and everyone will find an activity they will enjoy, including families and individuals, people of all ages, and those that prefer a multisensory experience. Enjoy this set of activities we are offering:

Tactile Wall and Tactile Path

The tactile surfaces– a mix of soft, hard, raised, and other textured surfaces –are designed to provide sensory regulation for people prone to both sensory hyposensitivity and hypersensitivity. They also assist people with autism to self-regulate, avoiding sensory overload, exhaustion, or burnout.


Lu3’atna is a design project created by alumni of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar. It celebrates the beauty and diversity of Qatar’s rich linguistic identity – blending Arabic typography with sports and culture in a unique contemporary fusion.

Music Wall

The Music Wall encourages play and engagement and allows for sensory stimulation. Music therapy is regularly used with autistic children to aid the development of communication skills and as an intensive treatment for anxiety and respiratory disorders.


The majlis is one of the most important spaces in Qatari life. Located near the entrance to a home, it is traditionally a separate space to host visitors and gather for social events. At the Majlis, you will be hosted by a real-life falcon that you can take pictures with.

Light Tunnel

Going to a football match and being part of a large crowd can be overwhelming or overstimulating for people with disabilities. The soothing light patterns in the Light Tunnel may assist people to deal with different stimuli and reduce feelings of distress.

Language Blocks

As Arabic is the unifying language spoken in 26 nations, the words showcased in this activity celebrate the richness of the Qatari culture and heritage, and the Arabic language.

Community Lineup

These are art panels created by students from Qatar Foundation's primary schools depicting the diversity of the community in Qatar and welcoming all visitors to be part of that community.

Sustainability Sculptures

These sculptures aim to bring attention to the impact that microplastics in the ocean have on human health.


We celebrate all 32 participating nations at the FIFA World CupTM through showcasing plants native to or inspired by each country. The plants will live in the Education City Community Gardens after the tournament as part of the Qur’anic Botanic Garden.


The multiple performances include singing, dancing, freestyle footballing and more. They highlight both the culture of Qatar and the nations playing in Education City Stadium. You will run into cover bands, DJs, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and others on your way to the Stadium.

Mobile Sensory Trailer

It is designed to help individuals with sensory issues to regulate their brain’s negative reactions to external stimuli. The trailer, supplied by the the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, provides several activities to encourage stimulation and relaxation.

Accessibility Routes

To access Education City and enjoy the many activities on your way to the Education City Stadium, we recommend you use one of the following three most accessible routes for people with disabilities:

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