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Doha Debates Second Live: Artificial Intelligence

On 3 April 2019, Doha Debates will weigh the merits and challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by inviting speakers to debate critical scenarios: • AI will improve humans’ overall well-being, so AI should be unleashed. • AI will harm humans’ overall well-being, so AI should be slowed down and strictly regulated. • A balance can be found between raw innovation and ethical restraint.

Advocates for AI defend it as manageable and say the risks are marginal, but the rewards could improve lives and empower more people with instant information. On the other hand, critics warn about transparency gaps and power disparities, including a slippery slope into a digital apocalypse where super-intelligent machines surpass humans’ ability to control them. Many well-learned engineers have called AI the greatest threat to human survival.

Is common ground possible?

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