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Education City in Qatar

What started with a single school has transformed into ‘Education City,’ a 12 square kilometer campus housing multiple educational and research institutes.



Education City, our flagship initiative, is a pretty unique place. During just one short walk—or tram ride—around campus, you could be visiting an Ivy League university, cross the street to browse one of the region’s largest libraries, and then attend an open-mic at the neighboring university behind it.

That’s just how life is when you’re part of the close-knit community at Education City. It’s a place with branch campuses of some of the world’s leading educational institutes, a homegrown research university, start-up incubators, technology parks, heritage sites, cultural institutions, and so much more.


International degree, regional culture

By studying at any of our branch campuses in Qatar, our students receive a Western education in a Middle Eastern setting, obtaining the same degree as that of the university’s main campus.


Small classes, large diversity

The classes in Education City are small and provide more individualized interactions between professors and students. Even with the small sizes, our classes have students with remarkably diverse backgrounds and experiences.


More synergy, more opportunities

In Education City, students not only partake in extracurricular activities offered by their respective institutes, but can also benefit from research, travel, and funding opportunities offered by other universities, as well as Qatar Foundation and its entities.

The student life in Education City is also enriched by combined events, collaborative initiatives, and the shared amenities and services of our cutting-edge facilities.


Apply once, study everywhere

After gaining admission into our universities, students have the unique opportunity to cross-register for classes at other branch campuses and pursue joint minors and certificates, which consist of taking classes with professors from different universities.

Students at our pre-university schools also get a taste of university life by taking undergraduate classes through the Academic Bridge Program, or by participating in the programs organized by the universities for high-schoolers.

As President of Northwestern, I can tell you, nothing makes me prouder than to have a campus here in Doha producing graduates who are skilled in journalism, filmmaking, and communication and carry the name of our university far and wide as they use their skills for the betterment of mankind.

Morton ShapiroPresident of Northwestern University

Universities and Schools


For K-12 students, we provide various programs ranging from IB-accredited school systems to specialized schools. Our higher education offerings—ranging from undergraduate to postdoctoral degrees—include programs in media, international affairs, business, computer science, medicine, engineering, cultural heritage, knowledge management, and arts.

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In Numbers

Our sprawling campus houses one of the most diverse student bodies, and graduates hundreds of students every year.

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Across our universities and schools
Located in Education City
Part of our Pre-University Education network

The investment Qatar has made in Education City has meant that a lot of barriers that one might expect in the US when young people pursue higher education—such as finances or geography—are not as impactful here within a multi-university campus. That emboldens people.

Dr Annie RuimiAssociate Professor, Texas A&M University at Qatar



Designed by some of the world’s leading architects, our spaces are purpose-built for our people and our environments.

Sustaining active lifestyles

Our sports and recreation facilities serve as catalysts for active lifestyle, capitalizing on Qatar’s passion for sports. These sporting facilities will soon be joined by a sports arena that will host the FIFA World Cup 2022, and later function as a health and wellness center for the Education City community.

Learning from our heritage

Education City is home to various centers that are preserving Qatar and the Arab world’s heritage, while promoting lifelong learning and creativity among both the Education City community and the general public.

Growing in inspirational surroundings

The iconic designs of our buildings are a physical manifestation of creativity and innovation, and serve as an inspirational space for our community. The buildings in Education City have been designed by internationally renowned architects like Arata Isozaki, Rem Koolhaas, Antoine Predock and architectural firms Legorreta + Legorreta and Mangera Yvars Architects.



There’s always something to do when you’re in Education City.