After The Gas Runs Out

  • From: Think.
  • Published: March 05, 2013

“When Doha was chosen to host this year’s UN Climate Summit (COP 18), many commentators pointed out that Qatar has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world. The New York Times referred to the country as a “Greenhouse Gas Titan”, while Time magazine reported that Qatar’s per capita output of 55 tons was three times larger than that of the US. Was there not some irony here? When I raise this, the Minister becomes most animated. “This is not true,” he says. “It is a trick. They say take whatever you produce, then divide it by the population. But this is not fair. China produces millions of tons of emissions, but because they have such a large population it seems like they are not big polluters. The calculation is very confused.......”

HE Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah, President of COP 18, feistily rebuts charges that Qatar is not serious about reducing its carbon footprint.

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