Children’s Education At The Heart Of Jeemtv

JCC launches a new multimedia platform to meet the requirements of parent and child.
JeemTV-Dubai Booth.jpg 
What do parents want for their children? Do they want their child to be successful and to achieve? No doubt, but they also want them to be happy, confident, to feel loved, and to grow into well-balanced and contented individuals. 
In short, a child’s well-being is the top priority for any parent and this applies to every element of their life, including the time they spend watching television.
Qatar Foundation’s JCC has always embraced this need, and this is evident with the launch of its new offering, JeemTV.
JeemTV is an advanced media platform designed for Arab children and their families. It enables parents to be confident that their children are enjoying a television channel, and the associated multimedia elements, that supports the complete well-being of their child.
JCC simultaneously revealed its new organizational structure, encompassing four distinct but interconnected entities. Firstly, JeemTV for Arab children aged seven to 12 years, and their families, which joins the channel’s Baraem TV for children aged two to six. These are positioned alongside, which is an innovative ‘Video on Demand’ (VOD) portal. It uses educational and cultural material from Arab scholars, presented in an interesting and informative format. The fourth entity, Siwar, the JCC children’s choir, provides the chance for talented youngsters to express themselves in song.
Children’s television programming needs to appeal to youngsters, but not to the detriment of quality. It should inspire, empower, teach, offer guidance, and support children’s quality. Parents can be confident that the material provided by JCC, both on the television and online, is helping to support the well-being of children. JeemTV programing covers a wide genre, but at its heart is thought-provoking science, informative news, and interviews with high-profile guests from the world of sports, media, and arts.
Saad Al Hudaifi, Deputy Executive General Manager and Acting Director of Channels, explains what makes JeemTV stand out: “Today’s technological revolution empowers children to choose what to watch and when. JeemTV sets itself apart because it is responsive to that trend.”
The channel’s online presence allows children with internet access to watch JeemTV scheduled programs as and when they want to.
In the build-up to JeemTV’s launch, JCC hosted a week of special activities at malls. Children had the chance to record their own video messages to be aired on JeemTV and its new website.
The launch day itself was marked with a special, live five-hour show aired from its main Doha studio with interviews with prominent guests. Children were very much a part of proceedings. They were given the chance to vote to choose their favorite films to be aired, and many young viewers seized the opportunity to meet puppet Anbar in Alexandria, Egypt, and Dubai, UAE, while a special studio program in Casablanca shared the excitement of children across the area.
The quality programing demonstrated by JeemTV is the result of a year-long study into Arab children. The channel put together a committee of top content experts from the Arab world to assess programing and provide evaluation and guidance. Simultaneously, the channel conducted workshops with its employees, so they are able to embrace the unique cultural attributes of Arab children.
The result has been that JeemTV has been able to develop daily segments dedicated to the entire family. Programing has been orchestrated to fit a child’s daily schedule to ensure a balance between education and entertainment. The channel is of course fully supported by new technologies that provide a learning tool to both teach and entertain.
Parents can, therefore, be confident that in encouraging their children to watch JeemTV they are providing the best conditions for them to thrive and grow into happy, intelligent, and confident young people.