The 60 Second Interview: Mohammed Fiaz Ahmed

Mohammed Fiaz Ahmed, Senior Project Planner, Facilities Management, Qatar Foundation (QF), talks about receiving the Best Employee of the Group of Capital Projects, Facilities Management and HSSE accolade, and discusses his job and life at QF.
What are the highlights of your job?
I work within the Planning and Development department at the Facilities Management Directorate of QF. My team is involved in meeting and facilitating requests from the various universities, schools, and directorates on an ad-hoc, and annual basis, and to assess and develop business plans to meet their needs.

We are also responsible for overseeing the work done by contractors, and ensuring that they work well within the deadlines, and allocated budgets. I also develop executive reports and presentations, as required.

How do you feel about receiving this award?
I am extremely proud and happy to see that my work is being noticed and appreciated. Appreciation and recognition acts as motivation, and encourages us to do better.

What else would you consider to be your achievements?
We have had the opportunity to work on some unique and challenging projects within really short timelines, including managing the facilities at Qatar Academy Al Khor, and QF member Hamad bin Khalifa University’s Translation and Interpreting Institute.

How does your work help QF in its mission to fulfill Qatar National Vision 2030?
The work that QF is doing will enable Qatar to transform into a knowledge-based economy, by unlocking human potential. The resources that are being invested now will reap benefits for years to come, and will create a strong and sustainable future not just for Qatar but also for the region. At Facilities Management, we keep up with this objective by providing the facilities to the schools and universities across QF, keeping in mind each one’s requirements and functions.

What does working in QF mean to you?
I have been at QF for more than nine years now, and have seen our team grow from 10 to 40 members. Working at QF is like working with family. There is a close-knit bond between the community at QF, and I must say I have many great memories of my time here.

What are your hobbies?
I am a big fan of cricket, and I was thrilled to be part of the team that developed the cricket pitch at QF. Currently, we try and organize matches there, and I occasionally play – bowling is my preference.

What are your future goals?
I hope to continue to serve QF, to bring my experience and knowledge to help meet challenging tasks and objectives, as QF continues in its mission to develop Qatar and the region.