The 60 Second Interview: Rashid Abdulaziz Al Mesallam

Rashid Abdulaziz Al Mesallam, Security Supervisor, Investigations, HSSE, talks about being awarded the Best Employee of the Group of Capital Projects, Facilities Management and HSSE accolade.
How do you feel about receiving this prize?

I am very happy and honored, given how many people were taken into account for this award. I am very thankful for the support.

What is your role?
We look into any incident that occurs within Education City – ranging from car accidents to theft and assault – that might need to be investigated by us, or in some cases the police.

The incidences are basically divided into two: those that are the result of an accident; and those caused intentionally. People can also come directly to us to lodge a complaint. My other role is to help to update our policies when necessary.

What was your career path up to this point? Highlights?
I have been here for nearly four years, so it has been a great learning curve. In 2013 we successfully transferred the security contract from one company to another, which was a definite highlight for the whole team.

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your work?
The biggest challenge is the theft of personal items. With our “clean desk policy”, we try to make people aware by explaining that you must clear your desk, keep personal items safe, and secure confidential papers. People should also not leave valuables in cars. The best reward is when, after a long investigation into a specific incident, you reach a satisfactory result.

What is the goal of your department?
We want to secure all the Qatar Foundation (QF) assets, and ensure the safety of the people here, so our biggest goal is to reduce the number of incidents, and make people more aware about security. We look at every incident, see what we can learn from it, and, if necessary, make changes to our policies.

What are your career ambitions?
I’m continuing with self-studies to increase my knowledge of investigations, forensic science, and interrogations.

What do you like the most about Qatar?
I am Qatari, therefore I’m used to the climate, and I love our traditions, like hunting with falcons.

What do you like most about QF?
People are quite switched on, so they understand things quickly. We also ensure that the students understand the rules, and the reasons to have them.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering pursuing a similar career to you?
You should be a hard worker, and a team player, because one hand can’t clap on its own. You must also fully come to grips with the basics of investigations.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I love to go camping, but during the summer I’m more into playing indoor table sports.