Mr Rashid Al-Naimi

Chief Executive Officer of QF Investments

Mr Rashid Al-Naimi is Chief Executive Officer of QF investments.

Mr Al-Naimi was previously Vice President of Administration, with the overall responsibility for managing all the administrative and operational functions of Qatar Foundation, its staff and its partner organizations, including the shared services areas of Finance, Procurement, Information Technology, Human Resources, Support Services, Business Improvement and Quality Management Systems.

He was responsible for developing the ongoing strategy and implementation of all QF’s initiatives, working closely with the management team and the Board of Directors to ensure that QF continues to build capacity for Qatar in the key areas of Education, Science and Research, and Community Development.

He has been instrumental in creating a platform of innovation within QF, helping to foster a culture of quality and excellence aimed at unlocking the full potential of its staff whilst seeking to maximize shareholder value. Mr Al-Naimi has also frequently represented QF in the media and at numerous launch events.

Mr Al-Naimi’s career has developed over the past 20 years. He is a natural leader and has maintained roles in Senior Management for nearly a decade. Prior to joining Qatar Foundation, Mr Al-Naimi was the Manager of Human Resources for the Qatar energy company RasGas Company Limited. Mr Al-Naimi was responsible for maintaining human capital numbers as the plant executed a major program to increase margins by doubling production and fixing head-count.

Mr Al-Naimi is also the residing Chairman for Mazaya Qatar, MEEZA and Gulf Bridge International (GBI). He is also a Board Member representing Qatar Foundation across a number of companies including Vodafone Qatar.

Mr Al-Naimi has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Indiana State University, USA and continues to drive for personal and professional excellence.