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Education City Road Closures

For further information about road closures and diversions in Education City during the FIFA Arab Cup™, click here

Liam Colquhoun

Interior design, cross-disciplinary approach to retail design

Liam Colquhoun is Interim Chair of Interior Design at VCUarts Qatar. His interest in cross-disciplinary design, and in particular those ‘gray’ areas where illustration, graphic design and architecture meet, has influenced subsequent professional and academic work.

In 1998 Liam began working with Baltimore architectural firm RTKL Associates in the cross-disciplinary Id8 Group. Working alongside designers and artists from many different fields and backgrounds on a vastly diverse range of projects from architectural design, retail and entertainment projects to illustration, storyboarding and other, more conceptual work, had an important impact on Liam's professional portfolio and areas of interest.

Liam completed his Master of Design degree in Communication Design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2011. He graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1994 with a BA degree in Interior Design, before moving to the United States to take a position with a small specialist entertainment design firm in Florida.