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Dr. Khaled Hassan

Research, Sustainability

Dr. Hassan is a specialist in construction materials and pavement. He obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Leeds University, UK. in 1993, and worked in academia till 2002. He joined the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in 2002 to lead their Materials and Structures Group, and currently is managing the TRL office in Qatar.

Dr. Hassan’s technical background is in construction, maintenance, and management of concrete structures and asphalt roads. He has a broad range of experience in the performance of pavement and concrete structures, testing and compliance, QA/QC, providing advice to government and industry with respect to standards and specifications, developing new designs and materials, use of recycled and secondary materials, and performance and durability of construction materials.

At Leeds University, Dr. Hassan developed extensive research and a consultancy background on investigating and testing construction materials. He supervised a large number of investigations into the durability specifications of concrete structures, deterioration mechanisms of concrete, and reinforcement corrosion. He also led the consultancy group in developing and implementing durability specification on major projects in the UK.