Sidra Medical & Research Center

Sidra Medical and Research Center is a groundbreaking hospital, research, and education institution, currently under construction in Doha that will focus on the health and wellbeing of women and children regionally and globally. Visit our website

Discoveries On The Path To Curing Cancer

Our ability to diagnose and treat cancer has advanced rapidly in the past few decades. Cancers that once robbed people of life in months can now be managed effectively, and some can even be cured.

Out To Lunch: Wissam Barbir

As Senior Legal Counsel at Qatar Foundation (QF), Wissam Barbir is in charge of legal matters relating to the Research Division, where much of his time is taken up with negotiating, drafting, and reviewing collaboration agreements with renowned international institutions for research activities.

The 60 Second Interview: Ez Tabra

Sidra Medical and Research Center’s Financial Controller talks about his love of Qatar, how his current role has developed, and what advice he’d give to people who want to follow in his career footsteps