Qatar Science & Technology Park

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) is the national agency charged with executing applied research and delivering commercialized technologies in four areas: Energy, Environment, Health Sciences, and Information and Communication Technologies. Visit our website

How ‘Talking’ Cars Could Make Qatar’s Roads Safer

Connected Vehicles, or ‘V2X’, is an intelligent transport concept whereby vehicles communicate directly with each other and with roadside units, giving drivers immediate warning of potential dangers, and preventing accidents through an integrated wireless technology system.

Partnerships Based On Knowledge Sharing

Lewis Affleck, Managing Director, Maersk Oil Qatar, discusses the important relationships between Maersk and the State of Qatar, Qatar Science & Technology Park, and other Qatar-based partners.

A Force for the Future

The audience for smart technology developed at Qatar Foundation is growing – with the most high-level institutions in Qatar assessing how it can help them break new ground.